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Aug 14, 2024 - Jun 14, 2025

Hipknotics @ ICAAS

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Welcome to Hipknotics, an innovative in-school program designed to ignite creativity, foster leadership, and empower middle school students in grades 6-8. Led by experienced mentors and facilitators, Hipknotics offers a dynamic platform for artistic expression, personal growth, and community engagement. *Who We Are* Hipknotics, powered by Insomniacs, Inc., brings the excitement of multimedia production, hip-hop culture, and entrepreneurship directly to your school. Our program is supported by The Foundation of the Carolinas, dedicated to providing enriching opportunities for youth across our community. *What We Offer* Join us for an immersive experience where you'll explore: - *Music Production* - *Multi-Media Design* - *Entrepreneurship* *Why Join Us:* Hipknotics isn't just about learning—it's about discovering your potential, building confidence, and making a positive impact. By participating in our program, you'll: - *Expand Your Skills* - *Express Yourself* - *Lead by Example* -*Make a Difference* Schedule & Location: Hipknotics meets twice a week during school hours, providing a convenient and accessible opportunity for students to participate and engage fully in the program. With dedicated space within the school facilities, you'll have everything you need to unleash your creativity and explore new possibilities. Join the Movement: Are you ready to embark on a journey of creativity, leadership, and personal growth? Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of Hipknotics and unlock your full potential. Enroll today and become a leader in your school and community through the power of art, music, and entrepreneurship!

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