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What's Culture Shock?!

Our DayDreamers Program, originally established to increase the business acumen of the artist we represent, has evolved into a member managed Art Gallery and Shop in Downtown Statesville. Click the link below to follow Culture Shock on our App.

Why This? Why Now?

Have you been Downtown recently? If you have, you may have noticed a bit of growth in terms of culture, art, and tourism. Growth is essential to sustainability and we're committed to ensuring that the voices of BIPOC communities are heard, their art showcased, and ideas valued as we contribute to overall goals of Downtown Statesville. 

More than ever our communities need leadership, positive impact, and innovative thinking to eradicate the lack of access, belonging, and identity we feel when touring downtown. Culture Shock gives US a space; created FOR US, BY US.

What To Expect

For Artists and Designers

Consignment Opportunities, Art Shows, and Membership Perks.

Artists are encouraged to apply to be a consignment client for our gallery. Featured artist will also have the opportunity to host art shows and participate in art festivals. We're committed to growing a community of artists who regularly collaborate and fellowship. 

For Entrepreneurs

Pop-Up Shops, Non-Profit Consulting, and Workshops.

Issa We Thang, Not A Me Thang. To prove this, we're hosting a monthly pop-up shop where local entrepreneurs, artisans, and designers can set-up shop and sale products to citizens who frequent downtown. Don't forget to inquire about our non-profit consulting services and Artrepreneur workshops. 

For Our Youth

Camps, Art Lessons, and Mentoring.

Our future is in our hands! Sign your child up for our Hipknotics Summer Camp, bring them by the shop and speak with Anest about drawing lessons, or have them connect with us for volunteering opportunities! 

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